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The Society has extensive historical records covering the history of Sebring. We are in the beginning stages of digitizing this material. All documents listed here are available for viewing at the Sebring Historical Society. Records include:


Publications by Allen C. Altvater, Sebring’s pre-eminent historian until his death in 1994. Some publications available for purchase. Excerpts from some publications can be accessed at the Allen C. Altvater Library


Books Donated by Members. Various genre of literature.


City Directories, published by R.L. Polk & Company for Sebring, Avon Park, Lake Placid and more recently Lorida and Venus. Directories available for most years from 1956 through 1990 and from 1998 through 2008.


Newsletters, Informative stories about Sebring’s history and information about recent and upcoming activities and events at the Sebring Historical Society. Includes The Historian, published from April 1992 until the present, and The Bulletin, published from 1969 through January 1992. A list of major topics from 1969 to the present, indexed by year and month is available here. Each article can be read and copied at the Sebring Historical Society.


Newspapers, dating back to 1914, in various formats.


Notebooks on more than 100 topics.


Oral Histories. based on interviews with Sebring’s Pioneer Families.


Obituaries filed for the years 1988 through 2016. Available with a manual newspaper search for years before 1988 and an online newspaper search for years after 2016. 


Photographs. A large assortment of photographs of people, buildings, events, and activities, too numerous to include here.


Yearbooks. 1941 - 2017. Available on DVD as well as hard copy.


Other. (1) Business, People, and Subject Files. (2) Video Tapes and Audio Tapes on various subjects, including early luncheon speakers. (3) Maps, Blueprints, Raceway Posters and more.

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